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Video Management Systems

Users of the Video Insight product suite primarily operate from the Monitor Station, which combines live and recorded video from various servers. Authorized users setup and configure the system through the Monitor Station.

Video Insight Screen Layout

There are two functions of Video Insight: to record video and to view both live and recorded video. The system is user friendly. Upon starting Video Insight, you will see this screen:

The three sections of this screen are:

  • Viewing Panel (outlined in red) customizable to view 32 cameras or less
  • Left Navigation tree structure (outlined in blue) navigates which camera to utilize and allows viewing of recorded video
  • Tool Bar (outlined in green) allows access to system tools
Viewing Panel

Users can view as little as one up to as many as 32 cameras on the viewing panel. Layout buttons at the top allow users to control how many cameras are shown. Click on the grid to view that many cameras.

Custom views can also be created. To learn more about creating custom layouts, read the Setup and Configuration section of the manual.

The name of the server and the camera appears at the top of the image.

Right Click on Image

This menu will appear:

Left Click to Zoom

Place the mouse in the upper left corner and left click to drag the mouse over an area. The image will then be zoomed in. To zoom out, start in the lower right corner and repeat. From there, PTZ controls can be used to zoom. Click in the middle of the image to revert the image back to normal.

Left Panel Navigation Tree Structure

This allows navigating between both cameras and locations. To begin, all cameras will display. To change this to one camera, click on the camera in the Left Navigation Tree.


Layouts can be customized to display cameras that are on either one of multiple servers. Above, there are two custom layouts: one shows the entrance of four different locations, and one shows the view from only particular cameras in one area. These layouts can be stored on a server, and be accessed by multiple servers if enabled.

Multi-Layered Facility Map

Images can be imported into Video Insight to allow easy location of cameras without customizing.
Facility maps will show up in the Navigation Tree and are stored on particular servers, but can be accessed by multiple servers if enabled. These maps can be layered and default maps can be established.

A floor plan can be selected and a camera view is available by moving the mouse. 

Right Click on Camera Name
This allows changing of settings. Detailed information can be found in the manual.

PTZ and Audio Controls
The bottom left navigation area controls PTZ and audio. These controls can be collapsed by clicking on the arrow. 

PTZ Controls
The camera can be controlled by clicking the arrows, as well as zoom in and zoom out.

Audio Controls
  • Balance distributes sound between speakers
  • Delay Buffer allows for a different size of audio buffer in the case of a slow connection
  • Volume

Recorded Video

Viewing a recorded video

Files are organized by camera, date, and time and start with today’s video.

Every day at midnight, a file is automatically created to bookmark the day. 

Clicking on a recording starts playback.

Zoom On Playback
Recorded videos can also be zoomed in on using Video Insight, using the same instructions as live zooming.



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