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Utilizing Video Encoders to Make the Most of Your Analog Surveillance Cameras

This webinar outlines how you can optimize the use of your current analog camera system through the use of video encoders. Topics covered in the webinar include:

  • How you can capture better imaging with your analog camera through the use of video encoders
  • Using off the shelf software to make your analog cameras last longer
  • Finding a new software solution to your malfunctioning Digital Video Recorders
  • Cutting the cost of maintaining your surveillance systems through the use of off the shelf servers
  • Methods of switching your surveillance system to Internet protocol (IP) technology without a big budget
  • Why you should use IP surveillance as opposed to analog video surveillance
  • What kinds of features in an IP video surveillance system are important

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User Needs Differ in IP Video Management Systems; Educational Sector Now Using VMS

Video Management Systems, or VMS, have grown along with the usage of IP cameras. To meet the needs of customers utilizing these technologies, VMS developers have been working on creating more in depth applications. The type of system depends on the individual user’s needs. For example, security companies using VMS as a constant monitoring system would have different needs than an individual using VMS occasionally. Since user needs differ, it can be difficult for VMS developers to create an application that works for everyone. Needs could even cover several different buildings, as in an educational situation where the VMS must cover an entire district. The main point is a system that can be used by anyone, with little training needed. These topics will be covered in the webinar:

  • Video Management Systems (VMS): What are they?
  • Why an educational facility would have different VMS needs than a commercial user
  • The difference in features for a VMS for an educational facility compared to that of a commercial user
  • The difference between a casual user and a full time user
  • The costs of a VMS based on complexity of the system
  • How to know what kind of VMS is right for you

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