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Analog Camera Systems

fillerMany business owners have chosen to protect their assets by installing security camera systems on their company’s premises. Security cameras can capture the actions of unproductive or dishonest employees, provide evidence against or deter external thefts, and protect you against potentially costly lawsuits. The professionals at Triangle Computer and Telephone have helped protect Beaumont area businesses for over 20 years. We can provide turnkey systems for any kind of security system that you may need.

If you are interested in installing a camera system, one of the most important considerations is whether to employ analog or digital (IP) cameras. Each type of system has benefits and liabilities which should factor into your decision making process. When considering an analog system, some of the pros and cons include the following:

  • Easily Compatible
  • Wide Range of Availability
  • Form Factor
  • Lower cost
  • Fewer Features
  • Proximity

Analog cameras can be easily integrated with products from different manufacturers. If you are adding to an existing analog system with a DVR, then compatibility does not become a problem. Also, analog cameras are more readily available because they have been in production longer. They have a very wide range of shapes and designs which make analog cameras more ideal for covert operations. Because of their more simple technology and extensive availability, analog cameras are less expensive.

One of the disadvantages of analog camera systems is that there are not as many features as the more advanced digital systems. Analog cameras do not provide high definition picture or megapixel features. Also, utilizing an analog system requires the cameras and DVR to be in close proximity to one another, often within 1,000 feet.

The experts at Triangle Computer and Telephone will consult with you in order to determine your specific needs and create a security camera solution that fits your company's needs. Contact us today for more information.

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