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DVR and NVR Systems

fillerTriangle Computer and Telephone can install a powerful Digital Video Recorder (DVR) or Network Video Recorder (NVR) for your system that is easy to manage and can handle anything from a few basic cameras to multiple site and server installations with thousands of cameras and multiple integrations with other systems. We have experts with over 20 years of experience and can design, install, and maintain DVR or NVR solutions that will meet any budget.

We provide professional grade DVRs that are made to keep pace with modern surveillance requirements. Our DVRs are easily integrated with alarm systems, point of sale, and access control systems. Triangle Computer and Telephone applies advanced IT solutions to video surveillance and security. Sophisticated features like intelligent video surveillance, forensic analysis, and incident management applications are available at an affordable cost. With cutting edge features, video images can be captured and analyzed according to specific criteria, pre-determined rules, and behavioral prompts in order to increase efficiency and reduce dependence on human factors.

Triangle Computer and Telephone uses Network Video Management Software (VMS) which can support a wide range of IP cameras along with hardware from a variety of manufacturers. The software is offered in packaged solutions which are scaled to fit different business requirements. Our easy to manage NVR’s offer personalized integration with other systems utilizing an open platform to combine all of your audio, video, access control, alarms, and other needs into a single management location.

Protect your Beaumont area business with our extensive line of NVR or DVR solutions. At Triangle Computer and Telephone, we will bring you the latest technology at competitive rates. Contact us to find out why so many other businesses rely on our systems to protect their assets

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